hQphotonics specializes in low-phase-noise microwave oscillators based on electro-optical frequency division.

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hQphotonics specializes in the design, research, development and production of ultra low phase noise (ULPN) photonic microwave oscillators and synthesizers. hQphotonics was spun off from the Applied Physics Department at California Institute of Technology. The hQp ultra low phase noise electro-optical frequency division (eOFD) microwave oscillators cover from 8 – 40 GHz, with phase noise of -160 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz for 10 GHz carrier, which is about 30 dB better in phase noise than the best-in-class phase-lock-loop-based oscillators and synthesizers. The hQp ultra low phase noise oscillators are providing critical ultra-low phase noise, low timing jitter solutions for various demanding applications in coherent communications, defense and aerospace systems, test and measurement, frequency synthesis, quantum computing, 5G, and autonomous driving.

hQphotonics is honored to receive the Top Photonics Solutions Provider 2023 award from Semiconductor Review magazine.  Click here to read more

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